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  • #40DaysofPraise


    I know, I know – it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about my life. It has been consistently in motion – ever changing and taking me out of my comfort zone. Since you last heard from me, I found myself working for my favorite baseball team the Detroit Tigers in 2015. Then, I went and […]

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  • Blessings: productive days

    Today was my first day not at the office in nearly two months. It was odd waking up and not having to drive to the office. But, I still managed to be productive today. I cleaned my car. Wrote some AFL recaps. Applied for some jobs. Cooked dinner. It was oddly wonderful – I never […]

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  • A bittersweet departure

    There’s no way to say that leaving is easy. In just 6 hours I’ll have to be on the road to a friend’s house to head to Chicago for a baseball game before leaving Indiana completely. I called this place home for a year. I made friends, formed my own dysfunctional family in a way. […]