Meet Megan

Thank you for visiting my blog.

My name is Megan Filipowski and I’m addicted to sports and writing. You’ve just entered my personal forum – the place I share the things that matter to me.

But first, a little more about who I am and how I started writing.

I started writing things down the moment I could pick up a crayon. I scribbled on every piece of paper I could find. Now, I’m passionate about words – whether I’m writing them down or reading them.

I was an athlete for most of my life. I played 10 years of soccer. I was a member of the varsity swim team and captain of the varsity volleyball team at my high school. I won a free t-shirt in every girls’ intramural sport during my years at Spring Arbor University (SAU).

I was co-editor-in-chief of my high school publication The Bolt and was part of the driving force behind reaching an outside audience with The Bolt website. That year I learned about censorship, online writing, copy editing, InDesign and how to run a staff. I just finished my time as Editor-in-Chief for The Pulse, the student publication at SAU.

I have been a Detroit sports fan since birth. I was at Tiger Stadium for my very first Tiger game two months after I was born. I have a love for baseball that makes me the person and writer I am today. Now, I attend games whenever my college schedule and budget allow. I grew up a Michigan fan, but after many years of remaining neutral – mostly through high school, was converted to the side of Michigan State when I started college. I also cheer for the Wings, Pistons and Lions.

My phone is filled with apps that keep me up to date on what is going on in the sports world. I have every score at the tips of my fingers, as well as the news for my favorite teams. I have an app specifically geared toward baseball statistics and have a collection of movies dedicated to the sport. I read and bookmark many sports articles when I’m browsing the web. If something big happens, I feel as though I am often one of the first people to hear about it.

One day, sometime in the near future, I would love to write about baseball for a living. Putting two of my favorite things together makes the most sense. If I can’t write about baseball though, I’ll write about sports in general. But, as the reporter in the movie The Final Season says, “I have the best job in America. I can’t play baseball so I write about it.”