These were not written by me (I’ve included the author’s name in the title of each article) and I would really like you to click learn more and read the entire article.[pocketarticlecoll]
Coming Soon! Check back for my favorite books and why you should read them too.
I’ve always been told if someone says it better than I can to let them do so. So click right here and check out what quotations inspire me (or that I just enjoy and want to post for no one’s benefit but my own).

I do, however, recommend that you check out the amazing work of Tyler Knott Gregson. He has quite a way with words and is very, very talented. I could honestly spend many hours (and I actually have) going through his Typewriter Series. His daily haikus on love are a treat, as well, AND he’s an amazing photographer. Seriously, check him out. I swear you won’t be disappointed.

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