I know, I know – it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about my life.

It has been consistently in motion – ever changing and taking me out of my comfort zone.

Since you last heard from me, I found myself working for my favorite baseball team the Detroit Tigers in 2015. Then, I went and got my first “adult,” full-time job with the Oklahoma City Dodgers. I moved 15 hours away from home, worked a full baseball season, found a church, made some friends, and survived my first tornado season. It’s been a whirlwind. Honestly, I can’t imagine where I would be right now if I wasn’t on this journey!

In January when I found NORTHchurch, I knew that place was going to be my church home when I was in OKC. I’ve called several churches home since I became a Christian all those years ago. First, there was Oak Pointe. It was the church that brought me to Christ, sent me to Detroit and Zambia, Africa on missions trips and started my walk with Jesus. There I also found one of my closest friends. Then, there was Traders Point in Indianapolis. I didn’t go there very often like I should have, but once I found it, it felt like home. During that time my church at home was also changing – 2|42 became the place to be. And finally, I found myself at North.

Leading up to Thanksgiving, we’ve been challenged to spend 40 days praising God for all that he’s provided for us. I’m so lucky to see how He has worked in my life in the last two years. He’s taken me from the fresh-college graduate and turned me into a young professional, living out my own baseball dream. I usually try to do something like this on my own each year, but this year I’m following the rest of my church.

I can’t describe how I felt during my first service at NORTHchurch. All I know is that God was in that place and He was telling me that I needed to be there, too. Not only that, but that in order to get connected, I felt called to join the “Young Professionals Group.”

I didn’t know that by signing up I would meet some of the most amazing people. Today, we celebrated the wedding of Robbie and Sarah. They faithfully lead the group and are so special to me. They welcomed me with open arms and hearts. They brought into their group of friends and made me feel like I wasn’t the outsider. It means more to me than they could probably know.

For my first day of the 40 Days of Praise – I’m beyond grateful for Robbie and Sarah (and the rest of the Young Professionals Group I got to celebrate with tonight). They’ve made me feel welcome in OKC and like this is where I belong.

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